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By rail, by road, by sea or sky, Palm Bay’s central location on the eastern seaboard and excellent transportation infrastructure make it an optimal point for access to markets and customers, keeping freight and delivery costs low.

Location and Accessibility

Major interstates, international airports and deep-water seaports keep commerce moving across Florida, the United States and the world. And the home base is growing, too: Currently ranked as the third most-populous state in the U.S., our population recently surpassed 20 million. The Sunshine State added more residents than every state but Texas during that time span, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The migration rate into Florida from other states and other countries was the highest in the country in 2015.


Whether it be by air, land or sea, all roads lead to Palm Bay.  Driving is a breeze, with the completion of the southern Palm Bay interchange in 2017, the city will be serviced by three I-95 interchanges.  On the west side is the brand new St. Johns Heritage Parkway, providing main road access to 95 and connecting the north and south portions of the city. It’s easy to fly in and out of town for business or pleasure at the Orlando Melbourne International Airport , just minutes away from Palm Bay.  Shipping in next month’s inventory or taking a weekend cruise to the Bahamas is simple, just a quick drive north and it is anchors away out of beautiful Port Canaveral.

Whether it is an online or in-person process, we strive to make the development experience as efficient as possible. 



Palm Bay offers streamline permitting processes and project specific Utility Agreement.  Click below to begin the application process or call 321-952-3426 to work with a representative from our Economic Development Department.

Permitting Application

Water and Sewer

Palm Bay Utilities provides clean, reliable, drinking water to over 32,000 customer accounts as well as sanitary sewer service to over 15,000 accounts throughout the City.  The City also provide reclaimed water service to a limited number of customers within our service area.

Palm Bay Utilities