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Starting or Expanding A Business?

We are available to assist you in starting your business in Palm Bay – our office can guide you through the procedures to start a business, help you get through regulatory barriers on the local, state and federal level and connect you with organizations that can provide financial and workforce assistance.

We offer a variety of local, state, and federal programs and incentives to businesses that locate, expand, and do business in the City of Palm Bay. Contact the Office of Economic Development to determine if you are eligible.

Economic Development
120 Malabar Road
Palm Bay, FL 32907

Phone: (321) 409-7187
Fax: (321) 952-3412

Follow these steps to make the process from start to finish as smooth as possible!

Step 1 - Business Assistance Programs

Important: There are many resources available to assist you in starting or expanding your own business. The City of Palm Bay wants you to be successful in this endeavor. You are urged to contact one of the following organizations for assistance.

The following organizations can provide assistance to start-up and existing businesses:


Step 2 - State License / Certification of Competency

Once you have determined the type of business you wish to open, contact Brevard County and the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations to determine if you need a state license or certification of competency.

Brevard County
Phone: (321) 633-2058

FL Dept. of Business & Professional Regulations
Phone: (850) 486-1395


Step 3 - Planning and Zoning

Contact the City of Palm Bay’s Growth Management Office to ensure you can operate your business within the city limits of Palm Bay and determine the type of zoning classification required.

Growth Management
120 Malabar Road
Palm Bay, FL 32907

Phone:  (321) 733-3042

Step 4 - Determine Legal Structure

Determine the legal structure of your business. The most common structures are Sole Proprietorships, General and Limited Partnerships, C and S Corporations and Limited Liability Companies. You are encouraged to research each thoroughly and consult a tax accountant and/or attorney prior to making your decision. If you incorporate or have employees, you will need to establish a Federal Employer Identification Number. Call (800) 829-3676 to obtain the number.

Internal Revenue Service
431 N. Wickham Rd
Melbourne, FL 32935

Phone: (321) 253-7700

Step 5 - Register Business Name

Register the name of your business. If your business will use any name other than the owner’s legal name or a properly registered corporate name, a fictitious name (also referred to as a DBA) must be registered with the State. To conduct a name search, contact the Florida Secretary of State.

Florida Secretary of State
State Capitol - Tallahassee, Florida
Phone: (850) 488-9000

Step 6 - Business License - Business Tax Receipt

Local BTR

There are many types of licenses, both state and local, as well as professional, depending on the type of business you plan to operate. One license, which is required for all businesses, is a Business Tax Receipt.

Business Tax Receipt
120 Malabar Road
Palm Bay, FL 32907

Phone: (321) 952-3419

County BTR

Once you have obtained a Palm Bay Business Tax Receipt, you must obtain a Brevard County Business Tax Receipt. Complete the Business Tax Receipt / Zoning Use Permit application and submit it to the Brevard County Tax Collector. To minimize delays, contact the Brevard County Tax Collector's Office for prerequisites applicable to your classification and location. A tax receipt may be issued upon application and presentation of required prerequisites and payments of applicable fees.

Brevard County Tax Collector
Phone: (321) 264-6969

Step 7 - Contact Brevard County Environmental Health Services

You may need to contact Brevard County Environmental Health Services at (321) 633-2100 if you have a business that could possibly pose a hazard to the public – eating / drinking establishments, use of chemicals, onsite disposal, and treatment systems, including industrial manufacturing permits. For hazardous material disposal, contact the Office of Natural Resource Management at (321) 633-2017.

Step 8 - Tax Remittance

You may be required to collect and remit taxes. 

Florida Department of Revenue
2428 Clearlake Road, Bldg. M
Cocoa, FL 32922-5731

Phone: (321) 504-0950

Step 9 - License / Inspections Compliance

You may be subject to other licenses or inspections depending on your type of business. It is in your best interest to fully disclose your proposed operation so that you are in compliance. Disclosure after you have opened your business could result in a shut down or unforeseen expenditures to become compliant. 

You may need to be in compliance with the Offices listed below:

  • Certificate of Competency or State of Florida Certification - (850) 487-1395
  • Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Alcohol, Beverage, and Tobacco Division- (850) 487-1395
  • Certificate and / or Field Inspection Sheet from Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services- (850) 488-2221
  • Motor Vehicle Repair Registration from Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services- (850) 488-2221
  • Secondhand Dealer's License (Brevard County Sheriff Pawn Compliance) - (321) 504-0950